10mm (Gilt) Brass Jump Rings
10mm (Gilt) Brass Jump Rings

10mm (Gilt) Brass Jump Rings

Part Number:0187-42
1/2 ounce per Lot
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Availability: In Stock.
Finish: Brass
Size: 10mm x 14g mm
Limited Stock
110 Lots In Stock
Price listed is for 1/2 ounce of brass (gilt) jump rings. These are approximately 10mm jump ring. The inside measurement is about 6.4mm and the wire is about 1.65mm thick (14 gauge). There are about 28 jump rings per 1/2 ounce. There are approximately 32 jump rings in each 1/2 ounce. THERE MAY BE A FEW SLIGHTLY LARGER JUMPRINGS IN THE MIX. The actual measurement is 9.6 with the inside measurement being about 6.43mm.

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