14/0 Aqua Seed Beads
14/0 Aqua Seed Beads

14/0 Aqua Seed Beads

Part Number:0630-79
1 ounce per Lot
Your Price:$1.70
Availability: In Stock.
Finish: Glass
Size: 1.8 mm
Color: 14/0 aqua
Limited Stock
4 Lots In Stock
Price listed is for one ounce of glass beads. These are 14/0 or approximately 1.4mm long by 1.7mm wide aqua. The size and shape varies slightly with each bead. There should be about 4,500 beads per ounce. There are approximately 14 beads per inch when laid flat with the holes facing upwards. Some of these look more tansparent and some look more frosted.

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