14mm Hyacinth/Peach Rivoli RS
14mm Hyacinth/Peach Rivoli RS

14mm Hyacinth/Peach Rivoli RS

Part Number:0689-13
200 per Lot
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Finish: Crystal
Size: 14 mm
Color: hyacinth/peach
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Price listed is for two hundred padparadscha Chinese crystal rivoli rhinestones measuring about 14mm. They are machine cut with pointed, faceted tops and pointed foil backs. These will fit our 60ss point back settings. These do sit a little lower in the settings than most stones. These were supposed to be a hyacinth color, but instead we received this shade. They are a beautiful, bright peach color. The coloring of these stones vary from one batch to the next. We will do our best to make sure that each lot of stones will be the same shade. (single item 0689-12)

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