3 Full Round Pendant

Jewelry Soldering Made Easy - Video 3
Full Round Rhinestone Pendant


This video shows how to solder two dapped (curved) rhinestone pendant together to make a full round rhinestone pendant . Video 1 contain important safety information that is only shown in that video. Therefor you should watch Video 1 before proceeding to the other videos in the series.

Video 3 introduces the use of a heat gun and using solder wire with two different melting temperatures to make the full round pendant pictured above.

Material List

(66) 8 mm 39 ss Rivoli Rhinestones
        (24) Hyacinth

        (22) Peridot
        (20) Topaz
(66) 8 mm Brass Settings
  (2) 8 mm 16 Gauge Jump Rings
  (1) Brass Tassel