50mm Ivory/Black Octagon Pendants
50mm Ivory/Black Octagon Pendants

50mm Ivory/Black Octagon Pendants

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1 per Lot
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Finish: Semi Precious
Size: 50 mm
Color: black/ivory
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Price listed is for each eight-sided pendant. These are pendants that measure about 50mm. They appear to be ivory acrylic surrounding a black natural material or type of resin with what appears to be a natural stone fragment set in the center. The center piece is possibly shell. These appear to be hand cut, so the size and shape will vary slightly. The piece of shell in the center will vary significantly with each. They have a carved piece of acrylic on the back side that measure about 9mm long by about 22mm wide. The acrylic has a square 2mm hole drilled through the width for cord or very small chain to go through.

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