5mm Rose Quartz Glass Bead
5mm Rose Quartz Glass Bead

5mm Rose Quartz Glass Bead

Part Number:0808-97
1 mass per Lot
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Finish: Glass
Size: 5 mm
Color: rose quartz
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Price listed is for 1200 (1 mass) glass beads. These are approximately 5mm rose quartz colored glass beads. These are vintage Japanese glass beads, the size and shape will vary slightly with each bead. Many of these vintage beads were shipped with a white powder coating which I assume was to keep them from scratching. So, they may need to be rinsed off. Although these are called rose quartz on their original package they do not have as much color variation as the larger version of these beads. These are more of an opaque pink. (single item 0477-54)

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