6x3.5mm Brass Bail/Connector
6x3.5mm Brass Bail/Connector

6x3.5mm Brass Bail/Connector

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1 gram per Lot
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Finish: Brass
Size: 6 x 3.5 mm
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The price listed is for one gram of brass bail/connectors. These measure approximately 6mm in length and 3.5mm wide, he opening measures about 2mm. There are about 28 pieces in a gram. There are many uses for these! I have mainly seen these soldered to the end of rhinestone chain or flat chain. They are also soldered to pieces of metal (mostly brass) that does not have a loop to make the pieces into charms. You can also glue small rhinestones on to them to make them into charms. Some of these may have a slight patina.

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