80ft Thin Lead-Free Solder Wire
80ft Thin Lead-Free Solder Wire

80ft Thin Lead-Free Solder Wire

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Finish: Silver
Size: 0.025" x 80'
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Price listed is for 80 feet of soldering wire. This wire is lead-free solder whose composition is 96% tin with the remainder mostly copper with some antimony and a trace of silver. It Melts at 440°F and has an Acid core which means it's pre-fluxed. This wire is thinner than our other solder wires and measures about 0.025'' (0.64mm). It is the ideal solder for pewter and copper-based metals. Use in well ventilated area. IF THERE ARE MORE THAN TWO PIECES WE WILL BE ADDING MORE FOOTAGE. THE MORE PIECES THE MORE FOOTAGE WE WILL BE ADDING. ALTHOUGH THIS SOLDER HAS AN ACID CORE THE MANUFACTURER STATES THERE MAY OCCASIONALLY BE SECTIONS THAT DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH FLUX TO MAKE THE SOLDER FLOW. IT IS BEST TO HAVE SOME FLUX ON HAND FOR THIS SITUATION. (FLUX ITEM 0566-64).

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