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Bling Everything!

Posted by Westin on 5/6/2015 to DIY
Bling Everything!
We're putting together a special project for our May Design Time, and want to share our ideas with our internet friends, as well!


Do you have a purse, a pair of shoes, or sunglasses that are missing a little something? Well, we've got the answer! Rhinestones, of course!! Check out these inspirational projects we whipped up:

For these projects, we used a combination of rhinestone chain parts, flat back acrylic rhinestones, and rhinestone embellishments.

To keep your creative juices flowing, here's a few more ideas found on Pinterest:

Our favorite glue for just about any project is E6000. It will stick anything to anything! Have fun and happy blinging!


Date 9/15/2015
Jody Sennott
The flip flops are gorgeous! There is nothing in the stores that cool and they would cost a fortune! I have to make these for my sister! Jan's is my favorite site. I can find all kinds of strange little parts and findings I can't get anywhere else! Love your blog!

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