Cascading Hearts Necklace
Here's a little inspiration using some of new heart-shaped beads (or any other large bead that strikes your fancy!) and our new rolo chains.

Cascading Hearts Necklace

You will need:

about 36" of chain (we used our new silver plated rolo chain, item 0490-28)
4 beads around 1" long, drilled through the length (we used item 0500-02)
3 1-1/2" eye pins like item 0410-75
1 2" head pin like 0473-90
12 5mm jump rings like 0482-14
1 15mm lobster clasp like 0427-19

Thread three of the heart beads onto each of the three eye pins, and make a loop at the other end.

Put the fourth bead on the head pin and make a loop at the other end.

Connect all four heart beads together in a line using jump rings.

Cut the chain into the following lengths: one approx. 9” piece, two approx. 8” pieces, one approx. 7” piece, and one 2” piece.

Connect one of the 8” pieces to the top loop of the beaded chain with a jump ring.

Connect the 9” piece to the jump ring connecting the last 2-loop heart to the heart on the head pin.

Connect the other 8” piece to the jump ring connecting the two middle two-loop heart beads.

Connect the 7” piece to the jump ring connecting the first two-loop bead and the second.

Gather the ends of those 3 chains, and connect them with a jump ring.

Use another jump ring to connect the 2” piece of chain to the bundle just linked.

Connect the lobster clasp to the other end of the 2” chain with a jump ring.

Now you’re ready to wear it! Hooray!

Make this design your own by using different chain, different beads, more beads, adding a tassel at the end, or whatever you think looks good!

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