EZ-Rivet Piercing & Setting Tool
EZ-Rivet Piercing & Setting Tool

EZ-Rivet Piercing & Setting Tool

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Price listed is for one EZ-Rivet piercing and setting tool. One end of this tool pierces a hole in sheet metal 18 gauge and thinner while the other end flares eyelets and semi-tubular rivets (also called hollow rivets) used for joining metal pieces together. On one end of the tool is the 1/16'' piercing T-bar which will create a 1/16'' diameter hole in your soft metal piece simply by turning the piercing T-bar. Two piercing bases are provided: a flat one for flat metal and a domed one for curved articles. If the pierced article is to be joined to another pierced item, a hollow eyelet or semi-tubular rivet is inserted through the two aligned holes of the two articles and then all are inserted into the flaring end of the EZ-Rivet. By turning the flaring T-bar, the narrow end of the hollow eyelet or hollow rivet will spread to form a permanent cold connection. Not for use with solid rivets. The hardened steel EZ-Rivet Tool is provided with an Allen key for changing bases. Also included is the 1/16'' Piercing & Flaring Kit, consisting of:

1/16'' piercing T-bar
1/16'' flat piercing base
1/16'' domed piercing base
1/16'' flaring T-bar
1/16'' flaring base

The instructions for the tool are printed on the back of the packaging.
***The rivets to fit this tool part number 0527-80.

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