Emerald Rhinestone and Tassel Earrings
Hello, dears! Remember that STUNNING emerald rhinestone bib necklace we learned how to make last week? Well, now you can make earrings to go with! Yay!

Emerald Rhinestone and Tassel Earrings

You Will Need:

108 4mm Faceted Glass Beads
12 3mm Seed Beads (we used gold)
2 Ear Wires, Posts, or Clips with a Loop
2 9mm or 42ss Transparent Rhinestones
2 9mm or 42ss Scalloped Settings (with or without loops)
2 7/8" to 1" Eye Pins
2 16/13mm Filigree Bead Caps like 0028-39
About 60" of Clear Nylon Thread

Set your stones and bend flat one loop on each end of the setting to be used as connector loops.

Using the nylon thread, make twelve strands of nine 4mm beads with a seed bead at the bottom. You will string 9 4mm beads then one seed bead and go back through the nine 4mm beads.

Tie the six strand of beads together and repeat.

Wrap the loop of the eye pin around the knot of the six strand tassel. (You can make a loop with a head pin and do the same thing.) Make sure the loop is clamped tight on the tassel knot. Repeat for other earring.

Run the head pin or eye pin through the bottom of the bead cap and make a loop at the top of the bead cap. Repeat for other earring.

Attach the loop to one end of the stone setting. Repeat for other earring.

Open the loop on the ear wire/post/clip and run the other loop of the stone setting through it. Repeat for other earring!

Easy, breezy, baby! Wouldn't these look great with seed pearls, crystal rhinestones, and silver findings?



Date 12/7/2016

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