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What is the minimum order amount?

We have waived the minimum order amount. A $5.00 small order fee is applied to orders of less than $20.00, and will be automatically removed once the merchandise total reaches $20.00. For our full list of ordering instructions, policies, and terms and conditions, including our return policy, please click here.

Is Jan's Jewelry Supplies for retail or wholesale customers?
Both! We do not distinguish between retail or wholesale, we just offer the best prices we can! Many items get less expensive when more lots are ordered at one time, and we offer an automatic 10% discount on all orders with a merchandise total of $100.00 or more.

Then what are the Wholesale Items?
Items in the wholesale categories are duplicates of other items on our site, but in larger quantities at lower prices. Wholesale items also get cheaper the more you buy (price breakdown is listed with each item), and these items are also eligible for the 10% discount.

What is the difference between items marked "Limited Stock" and items marked "Restock Item"?
Items marked "Limited Stock" are mostly vintage items of which we only have a limited supply. Limited Stock items cannot be reordered. If there is a Limited Stock item you love, we recommend ordering as many as you are able, because once they're gone, they're gone.
Restock Items are current stock, primarily made-in-the-USA items that we purchase directly from the manufacturer or distributor and can be reordered. We do not accept backorders on Restock Items, but you can be added to the waiting list to be notified when a Restock Item is back in stock. To be added to an item's waiting list, click the link in the item's description. Please note that being added to the waiting list does not guarantee product. Please order promptly after receiving the back-in-stock email to claim the quantities you want.

Do you send samples?
We do not send samples. Since so many of our items are vintage stock ("Limited Stock") and in limited quantities, it is possible that after we sent a sample, the remaining inventory would be sold before the sample ever reached its destination. We keep our price-per-lot as low as we can so a large investment is not required just to try an item out.

Do you have a paper catalog?
We do not keep a paper catalog. Since many of our items are in limited quantities, and since we add new items to the site every week, our stock is constantly changing. All currently available items can be seen at www.JansJewels.com.

Do you accept orders over the phone?
We require all orders to be placed using the shopping cart on our website. This helps prevent typographical errors in items ordered, addresses, and payment information.

Do you accept payment over the phone?
We do! Though payment through our site is secure, we understand that some people are not comfortable paying online. You may submit your order without payment using the Send Order option during checkout, then call us with your credit card details and we will process the payment on your behalf.

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