Jet Butane Torch
Jet Butane Torch

Jet Butane Torch

Part Number:0478-00
1 per Lot
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Size: 5 1/4 x 1 1/2 "
Color: reddish orange/black
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Price listed is for each torch. These are jet butane torches with an adjustable flame. They are great for welding, soldering, jewelry, electronics, repairs, material bending, and plumbing. It measures about 5 1/4'' tall and the cylinder is about 1 1/2'' wide. It is refillable and requires butane gas. It has an automatic lighting button and a knob for adjusting the flame. The plastic casing on these torches take up a lot of space. Unless you are ordering other large items and the order is going to be shipped in a large box the plastic casing will be removed for shipping. THESE ARE EMPTY AND DO NOT COME WITH BUTANE. SOME OF THESE TORCHES ARE A REDDISH ORANGE AND SOME ARE BLACK SO IT'S THE LUCK OF THE DRAW!!!

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