Kit 104 Holiday Candle Pendant
Kit 104 Holiday Candle Pendant

Kit 104 Holiday Candle Pendant

Part Number:0631-41
1 kit per Lot
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Finish: Silver
Size: 2.5 x 2.5 "
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Price listed is for each soldering kit. These kits are for making a poinsettia pendant that measures about 2 1/2'' tall by 2 1/2'' wide when completed. Each kit contains 1 silver plated jump ring, 7 silver plated 15/7 navette settings, 1 12mm silver plated round setting, 1 25/18 silver plated octagon settings, rhinestone chain with 12 stones, 6 15/7 emerald navette rhinestones, 1 15/7 citrine navette rhinestone, 1 12mm Siam rivoli rhinestone and 1 25/18 Siam rhinestone. he stones are Chinese rhinestones. These are Chinese settings that are approximately 30 guage. (Our standard settings are approximately 25 guage). These kits do not come with instructions. View our soldering videos to learn to solder and just look at the picture to lay out the pieces. These are great for pendants or Christmas tree ornaments. SINCE THESE KITS ARE MADE WITH SILVER PLATED SETTINGS YOU WILL NEED TO USE A HEAT GUN TO SOLDER THEM, NOT A TORCH.

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