Kit 66-3 Violet, Purple
Kit 66-3 Violet, Purple

Kit 66-3 Violet, Purple

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Finish: Brass
Size: 3 1/4 "
Color: Violet, Purple
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Price listed is one soldering design kit. The kit contains four 32/17 violet navettes, 12 15/7 amethyst/purple navettes, 1 16mm amethyst/purple rivoli. All stones have the brass settings as well as a jump ring to make this into a pendant. These are Chinese rhinestones and US and German settings. The smaller settings are made in the US and are your standard yellow brass. However, the large navettes are German and made of a red brass. The finished piece measures approximately 3 1/4'' excluding the loop. Click here to view an example of the completed kit. This kit does not come with instructions. View How to Solder Video 1 for detailed instructions.

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