Kit 89-5 Champagne And LT Red Topaz
Kit 89-5 Champagne And LT Red Topaz

Kit 89-5 Champagne And LT Red Topaz

Part Number:0612-06
1 package per Lot
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Finish: Brass
Size: 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 "
Color: Champage/Red Topaz
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Price listed is one soldering design kit. The kit contains 6 15/7 light reddish navettes, 7 15/7 champagne navettes, 1 12mm reddish topaz rivoli, 4 10mm champagne navettes and two 10mm light reddish topaz rivolis (these light reddish rivolis are a slightly different color than the navettes). All stones have the brass settings as well as a jump ring to make this into a pendant. These are Chinese rhinestones and US settings. The finished piece measures approximately 3 1/4'' excluding the loop. Click here to view an example of the completed kit. This kit does not come with instructions. View How to Solder Video 1 to learn how to solder a pendant. (THIS KIT IS THE SAME COLOR AS KIT 89-2 ITEM 0539-32 WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE 12MM KHAKI RIVOLI. IT HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH A RED TOPAZ RIVOLI).

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