Mixed Acrylic Beads
Mixed Acrylic Beads

Mixed Acrylic Beads

Part Number:0300-45
1 ounce per Lot
Your Price:$2.20
Availability: In Stock.
Finish: Acrylic
Size: 0.75 mm
Limited Stock
17 Lots In Stock
Price listed is for 1 ounce of mixed acrylic beads. The beads range from approximately 4mm to 11mm. Each lot will vary slightly. Some may have a piece or that that is smaller than 4mm and some may be a little larger than 11mm, though most pieces are 6mm. Most of these beads are round faceted, but there are some smooth tube beads as well. The holes of these beads range in size from 0.35mm to 1.25mm but sizing may vary from bead to bead. There should be around 250 beads in each lot. We can not guarantee the number of pieces you will receive, only the weight.

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