Mixed Aluminium Chains
Mixed Aluminium Chains

Mixed Aluminium Chains

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Price listed is for over 75 feet of aluminum chain. This is a mixed lot of aluminum chain which is as follows: 1) one 18 ft, one 8 ft, one 9 ft, one 12 ft, and one 3 ft pieces of 7/4mm silver plated curb chain, 2) one 62'' and one 29'' piece of 5/4mm rose gold cable chain 3)31'' rose gold 5/4.25mm finished cable chain 4) 26'' 3/3.5mm gold plated finished chain 5) two 23'' silver plated 3/2mm cable chains (I suspect one of these is brass and not aluminum 6) one 22'' 3/2mm brass cable chain 7) one 36'' 7/5mm silver plated curb chain connected with a jump ring. 8) one 28'' gold plated 5/4mm gold plated curb chain connect with a jump ring. This lot is made up of mostly aluminum chain. Although aluminum chain is not great for jewelry it is perfect for costumes since it is very light weight and has the look but not the strength of brass or steel chain.

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