Mixed Bakelite Pear Stones
Mixed Bakelite Pear Stones

Mixed Bakelite Pear Stones

Part Number:0336-35
1/2 ounce per Lot
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Finish: Bakelite
Size: 15-22 x 9-13 mm
Color: mixed
Limited Stock
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Price listed is for each half-ounce. These are vintage bakelite pears ranging in size from about 15mm by 9mm up to about 22mm by 13mm. The sizes will vary. There are various colors in this bag, and there may even be a few random shapes mixed in. Most of these have been painted, and the paint is starting to wear. You can easily remove the paint from them by soaking them in ammonia and water. They may require a little scrubbing with something like an old toothbrush. As you can see in the picture, some stones do not have points on the end, but rather snipped ends so they can lie flush next to another piece, like if they were used as flower petals around a round stone. The sample half-ounce we pulled had 19 stones in it, but the number of stones you will receive will vary based on the size of stones pulled. Please, no color requests on this item.

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