Mixed Cast Filigrees
Mixed Cast Filigrees

Mixed Cast Filigrees

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2 ounce per Lot
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Price listed is for two ounce of cast filigrees. This is a mixed lot of castings. They are mostly filigree drops in a gunmetal or gold plated finish. However, there are a few other finishes mixed in. The majority of these pieces have recesses for rhinestones. There may be pieces as small as 10mm or as large as 56mm with most of them being somewhere in the mid range. There may be a single earring or two in the entire mix. However, while going through these we tried to pair up and bag any earrings that we found. The two ounce sample lot contained 14 pieces. We can not guarantee the number, only the weight. The picture shows a sample of the types of items in this lot. There is a wide variety of items. So, you may or may not receive any of the exact items in the picture.

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