Mixed Chico Brooch Findings
Mixed Chico Brooch Findings

Mixed Chico Brooch Findings

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Price listed is for one lot of metal brooches. These are 'Chico's' cast pieces. There are a total of 12 pieces in this lot. There are three large round flower brooches that are about 2 1/2''. Two are silver and one is gold with turquoise stone embellishments. The gold brooch is missing its pin. There are five jellyfish brooches that are about 2'' by 1 1/4''. Four are gold, and one is silver. These all have three settings on each for round rhinestones. These also have six tiny holes on the underside of them, possibly for dangling chain or other charms? There are two silver butterfly brooches that are about 2 1/2'' by 1 1/2''. The wings are open recesses that would be great for filling in with resin or fimo clay. The bodies are made of settings for round stones. There are two large gold butterfly brooch findings that are about 2 1/2'' by 2''. These are also missing their pins. They have multiple recesses on the front for flat back stones. The two pieces that do not have pin backs do have the parts to connect the pin on the back.

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