Mixed Chico Castings
Mixed Chico Castings

Mixed Chico Castings

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1/2 pound per Lot
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Price listed is for 1/2 pound of findings. These are all findings from a Chico buy out. These are castings that were made for Chico. This lot may contain Pendants, Charms, beads, rings, connectors, chain ends, earrings and misc. parts. I have also noticed a few rings and bracelets. Most of these items are plated but, there may be a rare few that are not. This was all produced for Chico. However, I think only about 20-25% of it is marked Chico. The majority of the items in these lots are pendants and beads. These lots may contain earrings. A few may have slipped by but, most of the earrings are contained in a small bag to keep the pairs from being separated. I have tried to make sure the bags of earrings are about 3 ounce or less to make sure that earrings do not make up a large portion of the weight. To give you an idea of what may be in each lot I have pulled four 1 pound sample lots. The first lot is the display picture, Click here for the 2nd sample. Click here for the 3rd sample. Click here for the 4th sample. Since this is a very diverse lot of Chico castings I can't say how may pieces it will hold. You can see for each of the four pictures about how much is in 1 pound. Some of these items could be as small as 8mm and some may be as large as 60mm. Some may even be larger. SINCE OUR SHIPPING IS CALCULATED BY WEIGHT AND VALUE NOT SIZE THERE MAY BE OCCASIONS WHERE WE HAVE TO COME BACK AND ASK FOR MORE SHIPPING. IN MOST CASES THIS WILL BE IF YOU ORDER SEVERAL LOTS BUT, MOSTLY INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS WILL BE THE ONES THAT ARE EFFECTED.

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