Mixed Chico Frog/Flower Pendants
Mixed Chico Frog/Flower Pendants

Mixed Chico Frog/Flower Pendants

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Price listed is for one lot of metal pendants. These are Chico castings. There are a total of 11 pieces in this lot. They range in size, shape, and finish. There are six frog pendants that measure approximately 1 1/2'' long by 1 3/4'' wide. Three of them are matte silver, and three of them are matte gold. They have a post at the top of them (not included in the measurement) that has a very small hole in it, almost like a pin was meant for the hole. The frogs have recesses on their backs, the larger one fits a 13mm flatback stone, the eyes fit 4mm flatback stones, and the smallest ones will fit 12pp stones. There are also tiny recesses around the eyes, but I could not find a stone that would fit into those. The backs of these are concave and have a 'Chico' stamp.
There are two brass lotus pendants, pictured at the top left and right. They are approximately 2 1/2''wide and 2 1/4'' tall. They have a loop at the top that is about 8.5mm. These do NOT have any recesses for stones. There is one frog pendant (pictured in the middle) wearing a crown. It is 2 1/2'' tall by 2'' wide. It is brass. It has recesses in the crown and some on the toes for flat back stones. It has a 6mm loop at the top. The back is concave and has a 'Chico' stamp. There are two flowers that are matte silver. They are approximately 2 1/2'' tall and wide. They have two loops on the back on each side shown here. They have a 40+ recesses that will fit anywhere from an 18pp to a 21pp stone.

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