Mixed Chico Pendants/ MS Connectors
Mixed Chico Pendants/ MS Connectors

Mixed Chico Pendants/ MS Connectors

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Price listed is for one mixed lot of metal pendants. These are Chico pieces. There are a total of 13 pieces. They range in size, shape, and finish. The largest pieces are the three hearts, pictured on the right. They are about 2 1/4'' heart shaped pendants. Two of them are gold plated, and one is copper plated. One of the gold and the copper pieces have two loops on the back and a diamond-shaped charm on the bottom of them. The other gold heart does not have a charm and only has one loop on the back. they all have the same design on the front with recesses for round stones.
There are two round pendants that measure about 2''. They are both gold. They have two loops on the back. Their design makes them look like they are broken down the middle, but they are one piece. They have recesses for round stones and one for a baguette. There are four hexagonal? shaped connectors that are about 1 3/4'' tall and 1'' at their widest part. One is silver, one is matte black, and two are dark gold. They have three loops: one at the top and one on each side. Their swirl pattern on the front includes recesses for multiple round stones. The backs of these are concave. There are three copper ring connectors that measure about 1 1/2''. They have two loops at the top and one one the inside of the ring. They have multiple recesses in the ring for round stones. The backs are flat. There is one gold ring that is just under 1 1/2''. It has two loops on the back. It also has multiple recesses for round stones.

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