Mixed Dyed Wooden Beads-Greens
Mixed Dyed Wooden Beads-Greens

Mixed Dyed Wooden Beads-Greens

Part Number:0668-08
2 ounces per Lot
Your Price:$2.70
Availability: In Stock.
Finish: Wood
Color: greens
Limited Stock
2 Lots In Stock
Price listed is for 2 ounces of mixed wooden beads. There is a variety of beads in this mix, the smallest of which are light green pear shaped beads that measure about 7x7mm, and the largest are faded olive green rounded hexagons that measure about 45mm by 17mm. They have all been dyed in shades of green. The holes of these beads range in size from 1.3mm to 2.25mm but sizing may vary from bead to bead. The picture is a good representation of what sort of mix you will receive. There should be about 50 beads in every 2 ounces. We cannot guarantee the number you will receive, only the weight.

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