Mixed Glass Topaz/Brown Beads
Mixed Glass Topaz/Brown Beads

Mixed Glass Topaz/Brown Beads

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Finish: Glass
Color: mixed
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Price listed is for one mixed lot of glass beads. These are shades of brown and topaz. Picture 'A' consists of 376 beads. They are 6mm round, transparent dark smoked topaz. Picture 'B' consists of 47 glass cylinder shaped beads. They are 15mm long and about 10mm wide. They are transparent brown and lined with white on the inside of the hole. These beads came with a powder coating on them to reduce scratching when being shipped. The coating can easily be rinsed off. Picture 'C' consists of 229 beads. These are 9mm round, transparent topaz round beads. Picture 'D' consists of 55 beads. These are 14mm round opaque brown beads. The ends of these look a bit rough, as you can see where they were painted. The entire lot contains about 707 beads.

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