Mixed Jet Beads
Mixed Jet Beads

Mixed Jet Beads

Part Number:0627-11
1 ounce per Lot
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Finish: jet
Color: black
Limited Stock
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Price listed is to one ounce of beads. These came in with some other semi-precious beads. Not sure what they are. They look like they may be jet. These are mostly shaped like navette/marquis with a few that are flat cyliders. The size and the position of the holes will vary. All of the beads are drilled with two holes. There are only three different beads in this lot. There are some navettes that measure approximately 18/12,7.5mm, some navette shaped beads that measure approximately 24.5/12/7.5mm and some cylinder beads that measure about 13/5/10/7mm. The one ounce sample pulled contained 10 beads. We can not guaranteee the number, only the weight.

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