Mixed Lot Cloak Clasps (Closures)
Mixed Lot Cloak Clasps (Closures)

Mixed Lot Cloak Clasps (Closures)

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Price listed is for 14 pieces. These are stamped brass cloak clasps. There are 6 pieces (3 sets) that are gold plated, 2 pieces (1 set) that is sterling silver plated, and seven pieces (3 1/2 sets) that are antique silver plated. Each piece measures about 54mm by 45mm. Without a chain the total length would be about 4 1/4''. THE ANTIQUE SILVER PIECES HAVE HOT GLUE RESIDUE ON THE HOOK PORTION. THE PLATING ON THE BACK OF GOLD AND SILVER PLATED PIECES IS SPOTTY. THERE ARE A FEW SPOTS ON THE FRONT OF TWO OF THE GOLD PIECES WHERE THERE ARE TINY SPOTS WHERE THE BRASS IS SHOWING THROUGH.

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