Mixed Lot Cufflinks and Key rings
Mixed Lot Cufflinks and Key rings

Mixed Lot Cufflinks and Key rings

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30 pieces per Lot
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Price listed is for 30 pieces of cufflink and key rings. There are six pig key chains. The pigs measure about 46mm tall by 56mm wide. The have the look of pewter. There are 10 key chains that measure about 30mm and have 24mm rings on each end. One end is removeable so, you can seperate your keys. These look like brass but, I think maybe they are brass with a gift finish because some of them are tarnished and difficult to polish out. I took polish and steel wool to the backs of three of them and they polished out pretty well. Five of these are plain and five have an embellishment soldered on the front of them. Although these do come apart two of the plain ones are a little difficult to get apart. There are two pieces that have large lobster clasps and dangle beads and chains hangin from them. These are 4 1/2'' to 5'' long. These were made to hook onto your purse, belt loop etc. There are five sets of cuff links. For ease in writing the description the cuff links and set of cuff links were all counted individually for the total coutn. There are two pairs of textured gold plated cuff link. One pair measures about 20mm and the other measures about 22mm by 15mm. There are two pairs of silver plated cuff links. One pair measures about 24mm by 18mm and is accented with mother-of-pearl stones. The other pair is 20mm and is accented with what looks like Lapis stones. The last pair of cuff links are silver plated and come with two button/cuff links. The cuff links measure about 15mm and and are accented with black onxy stone that have a diamond shaped rhinestone in the center. The removeable buttons/cuff links measure about 9.5mm and as a smaller version of the cuff links.

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