Mixed Lot of Wood Necklaces/Bracelets
Mixed Lot of Wood Necklaces/Bracelets

Mixed Lot of Wood Necklaces/Bracelets

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Price listed is for 35 pieces of wood jewelry. This is a mixed lot of necklaces and bracelets. They are made of natural or dyed wood beads and elastic string. The beads on all of these pieces vary in shape and size. There are 23 necklaces total. There are 11 blue and tan necklaces, and the beads are approximately 5-6mm wide and the length of the necklace is 14''. There are 6 black/olive/tan necklaces. The bead size is also about 5-6mm. The length of these necklaces is 14''. There are 4 black/blue/beige necklaces. Their bead size is also 5-6mm and they are 14'' long. There is one black/red/blue necklace that is made of 5-6mm black beads, and the middle has a pattern of 16mm blue disc beads, a black 15mm bead, and a 16mm red disc bead. This necklace is 24' long and has a brass barrel clasp closure. This necklace is not made with elastic string. There is one necklace made of tube beads, they are deep brown in color but I'm not sure what type of wood they are. They do not seem to be dyed, and the size varies from 6mm to 8mm tall and about 7.5mm wide. They are on a cotton string and do not have any sort of clasp attached. The strand is about 32' long. There is also one strand of round, light tan natural wood beads. These measure 8mm wide and approximately 7mm tall. These are light and do not appear to be dyed. The strand is 32' long and is on plastic string. It does not have a clasp. There are 11 bracelets total. There are 5 blue and tan bracelets, the beads vary in size and shape. They are 8'' long. There are 6 rasta(black,blue,yellow,red)and tan patterned bracelets, and their beads vary in size and shape as well. They are 8'' long.

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