Mixed Multi-Stone Setting Pendants
Mixed Multi-Stone Setting Pendants

Mixed Multi-Stone Setting Pendants

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Price listed is for one mixed lot of pendants. These are Chico pieces. There are a total of 13 pendants. These range in size, shape, and finish. They are, as pictured:
A) Three teardrop shaped, multi-stone setting, antique copper plated pendants. These are slightly curved. They measure about 1 1/2'' tall and 1'' wide. There are two round open back settings in the middle that will accommodate a 46ss(10.1-10.5mm) stone (top) and a 50ss(11.7-11.9mm) stone (bottom). There are also two navette settings, they are just a bit smaller than a 15x4mm stone. It may be difficult to find stones that fit into these settings. There are six round settings, three of them will fit a 21pp(2.7-2.8mm) stone, and three that will fit a 26pp(5.6-5.7mm) stone.
Pictures B and C are the same pendants as picture A, but B is one antique silver pendant and C are three antique gold pendants.
D: Four antique gold pear shaped pendants with multiple stone settings. These are about 2'' long and 1 3/4'' wide. These have flat backs. They have a bail attached that has a 6.6mm opening. There are five oval open back settings that fit 14x10mm point back stones, two oval open back settings that fit 10x8 point back stones, four closed settings that fit 8x6mm flat back stones, four round settings that fit 20ss (4.6-4.8mm) flat back stones, and six round settings that fit 13pp (1.9-2mm) point back stones.
Picture E is the same pendant as PIcture D, only this is one antique copper plated pendant.

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