Mixed Navette Settings
Mixed Navette Settings

Mixed Navette Settings

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1 ounce per Lot
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Price listed is for one ounce of navettte settings. I would say 99.9 % of these are brass settings. A few are plated but the majority of them are raw brass and made in the US. These are all navette settings with most of them being for point back stones and a smaller portion of them will be for flat back stones. There could be a few cast settings mixed in. Most will have very little patina. But, there could be a few that have a heavy patina. The one ounce sample pulled contained 86 pieces. The smallest setting in that mix was about an 8/4 and the largest one was 27/13. This particular lot had 6 plated cast settings for 15/7 navettes. We can not guarantee the number only the weight. There could be an occasional different shaped setting mixed in.

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