Mixed Semi-Precious Stones
Mixed Semi-Precious Stones

Mixed Semi-Precious Stones

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88 pieces per Lot
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Finish: Semi Precious
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Price listed is for eight-eight semi-precious stones. The are nine 25/18 stone that have flat tops and appear to be jade but, may be some other natural green stones. The are six 60/40.2 white magnesite crosses (these are not drilled), 24 7mm died turquoise/magnesite cab top stones, 12 12/10 died turquoise/magnesite stones with cab tops (two shades of turquoise). There are another thirty-seven stones of which one is a 10/8 dies turquoise/magnesite, one 18/13mm red jasper and the rest are mostly 8/6 with possibly a few 7/5 semi-precious stones. I believe two of the smaller stones are actually glass fire opal stones and the rest are a mixture of coral, shell, tigers eye, black onyx, gold stone and a few other natural stones.

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