Mixed Stone Leaf Pendants
Mixed Stone Leaf Pendants

Mixed Stone Leaf Pendants

Part Number:0629-25
2 ounces per Lot
Your Price:$5.00
Availability: In Stock.
Finish: Magnesite
Color: mixed
Limited Stock
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Price listed is for 2 ounces of semi-precious pendants. These are mixed stone leaf pendants. They appear to be made from dyed Magnesite or Howlite. There are two different sizes included 53x38mm and 42x28mm. The hole is drilled horizontally through the top of the stem and measures about 1.5mm. Some of the colors included are green, yellow, pink, red, purple, orange, white, and turquoise. This is a mixed lot so the number of pendants you will receive varies. We only guarantee the weight. The sample 2 ounces I pulled had 5 pendants.

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