Mixed lot of Small Chains
Mixed lot of Small Chains

Mixed lot of Small Chains

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Price listed is for over 39 feet of chain. This is a mixed lot of chain which is as follows: 1) one 31'' piece of 9/4mm silver plated cable chain 2) 43'' and 11'' pieces of 4.5/3mm silver plated cable chain 3)22'' of 3/2mm and 2/1mm alternating links cable chain 4) two 30'' 5/4 mm silver plated curb chain 5)12'' or 9/4.5mm silver plated double curb chain 6) one 24'', on 47'', three 11'' and one 17'' pieces of 2.5/2 silver plated cable chain 7) one 38'' and one 33'' 4/2mm silver plated peant chain 8) 16'' finished 2.5/1.5mm dark silver chain 9)16'' 1.5/1mm brass cable chain 10)one 12'', one 10'' and two 8'' pieces of 1.5/1 silver plated cable chain 11) one 20'' finished silver plated rope chain measureing about 2.5mm. 12) 18'' 2/1.5mm gunmetal cable chain and 13)1mm silver plated cabale chain. Not included in the total footage is a small bag of chain pieces measure anywhere from 1 1/4'' to 6'' with most of them beting around 3''. The silver chain are mostly dark silver which is probably an imitation rhodium finish.

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