Multi-Purpose Heat Gun
Multi-Purpose Heat Gun

Multi-Purpose Heat Gun

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Size: 11 1/2" x 5 1/2" "
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The price listed is for each heat gun. These measure about 9'' long and about 2 1/2'' wide. They come in a package that measures abut 11 1/2'' long by 5 1/2'' wide. These are great for soldering, embossing powders, iced enamels, and many more crafting projects! These have a built-in stand for easy table-top use. Specifications include 300watt, 3amps, 120V AC volts, and 536F/280C temperature. If while packing this item we find it doesn't fit in the package, the outside plastic package that it comes in will be removed and replaced with bubble wrap to ensure safe shipping. It will still come with all of its directions. THIS HEAT GUN WAS PRIMARILY MADE FOR EMBOSSING ENAMELS AND MELTING PLASTICS. PROLONGED USE WITHOUT ALLOWING THE GUN TO COOL DOWN CAN CAUSE THE GUN TO MALFUNCTION AND/OR MELT.

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