Pearl Leaf Necklace
Here is a brief tutorial on how to make your very own pearly leaf necklace! Inspired by some of Jan's favorite Miriam Haskell pieces.

Pearl Leaf Necklace

You Will Need:

20 - 12mm by 10mm transparent oval stones
20-  12mm by 10mm open back settings with two loops (we used item 0028-37)
3 - 1 ½" by 1" filigree leaves (we used item 0012-20)
About 450 seed pearls or beads
9 - 35ss round rhinestones (you can go slightly larger or smaller depending on your preference!)
9 - 35ss round rhinestone settings (settings need to be the same size as the stones)
About 8 feet of about 3-gauge wire or nylon thread
3" 7mm cable chain
1 - 9-10mm lobster clasp (on any other single-strand clasp will do!)
31 - 5mm jump rings
4 - 7mm jump rings
12 - 10mm pearl beads (glass or acrylic)
18 - 8mm pearl beads (glass or acrylic)
18 - 6mm pearl beads (glass or acrylic)
48 - 7/8" to 1" head pins

Set all of your stones.

Glue three of the 35ss rhinestones to each filigree leaf. Start at the top, lining them up down the center of the leaf.

Once the glue has dried, wire/thread the seed pearls or beads to the filigree leaves. (You could glue the seed beads/pearls on, but it will be much messier and less secure.)

Use the head pins to make beads with loops out of all of the pearl beads.

Cut the cable chain in three equal lengths, about 1" each. Attach the loops on the pearl beads to the links of the chain. The 10mm beads at the top, the 8mm beads in the middle and the 6mm beads at the bottom.

Connect the 12/10mm rhinestone settings with the 5mm jump rings, making two 8-stone lengths.

The rest of the stones will go in the center. They should be connected with two 5mm jump rings attached to each setting, with a 7mm jump ring connecting the two 5mm jump rings.

Use 5mm jump rings to attach the pearl drops and filigree leaves to the 7mm rings (between the stones in the center of the necklace).

Attach a 7mm jump ring to one end of the necklace. Attach the lobster clasp to the other end of the necklace.


Edit: Jan also made matching earrings to complete the set. Below is a picture of the back side of one so you can get an idea of how to wire those pearls on!



Date 11/30/2014

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