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When ordering plated items please keep in mind that the larger the flat surface, the more visible surface scratches and imperfections will be seen in the plating. For example, larger cuffs and collar necklaces will show more imperfections than small drops. Due to the texture in filigrees and other textured items, imperfections will not be visible. When it comes to flat back settings, there is a problem with one setting sitting inside of another during plating. Some of the flat back settings may have dark spots on the inside where the stone will sit and some may have dark spots on the back of the settings. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the beast when it comes to plating. Since the dark spots will be covered by a stone and/or adhered to another surface, we do not consider this a defect.

We have continued to manufacture rings and plate bracelets at our customers requests. However, we have been taking considerable losses on those items. We will check for cracking and any obvious defects, but when it comes to the rings that we manufacture the area under the overlap may be dark. Sometimes by pure luck that area will polish out in the plating process. Sometimes they will need to be polished, and sometimes even after hand polishing it may still a little darker than the rest of the ring. Since this is something that we cannot control and happens on a frequent basis, we cannot be responsible for it. If it is a problem for you and/or you can't polish them out, please do not order the rings. In addition, all plated metal will crack if it goes beyond the breaking point. If you adjust the rings too much the plating will crack. You can safely adjust to a size 9. However, anything beyond that could be risky. If you pull the ring open beyond the size 9 and close it back again, you are taking the same risk. If you need them larger, you may need to consider ordering something different.

Plated items need to be kept away from moisture and chemicals to protect the finish. Hand washing, sweating, swimming, bathing, perfume, lotion, and hairspray can all damage the finish of a plated item. In addition, every person's body chemistry is different. Some people are more acidic than others and will therefore affect plated items differently. If you are concerned about protecting the plated finish, you may consider coating plated items with a thin layer of clear enamel or acrylic paint. This will help protect the plated item as well as the wearer's skin from any reaction that may occur. Please keep in mind that we deal in costume jewelry supplies that are not meant to keep a perfect finish forever. Silver plated items will tarnish just like real silver, and will need to be polished and maintained. We are not responsible for mishandling or neglecting proper care of plated items.
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