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Many measurements of items are approximations. If an item comes pre-packaged with measurements on the package, those measurements are used. If the item does not come with a measurement, the best approximation is used. Since stones vary slightly from one manufacturer to another and sometimes from one year to the next, we cannot guarantee that all stones will fit in a setting of the same size.

Since we are constantly adding items to the site, we won't always catch duplications of an item. The same item may be listed on the site multiple times. They may be priced the same or they may be priced differently. We make every effort to describe our items accurately. If a stone comes in its original packaging, we will call it the color that is listed on the package. However, that same stone may come in at a different time with no packaging, so we will use our best judgement in describing it. Please be aware that some items are exactly the same, even if they are called by different names. If you are concerned that you may be duplicating an item, please send us an email or give us a call.

Please include item numbers in any communication so there is no confusion.
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