Soldering Starter Kit 3-Necklace Set
Soldering Starter Kit 3-Necklace Set

Soldering Starter Kit 3-Necklace Set

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Price listed is for the supplies and tools to make the necklace, earrings and ring pictured. The kit will include settings, rhinestones and findings to make the the set. The pendant measures about 57mm or 2 1/4'' and the rings and earrings measure about 42mm or 1 3/4''. There is a 17'' chain for the necklace, and adjustable ring for the ring and the earrings have both posts and clip ons included. There are some additional stones and settings for you to play around with. These kits will also include a heat gun, 20 feet of 300* solder wire, a helping hand, a mask and goggles. You can view instructions for these kits by going to our videos page and pulling up the video for ''Soldering Starter Kit 3''. Supplies that you will need to start but are not part of these kits are as follows: You will need a tile anywhere from 8'' to 18'', some playdo or craft dough, side cutters for cutting your solder wire and needle nose or straight nose pliers. We do not carry tiles or any craft do. However, if you want a full range of pliers you might check out item 0680-00. For setting all stones the nylon jaw pliers, item 0601-85 are great and for smaller round stones we have item 0624-57 (6mm) ,0625-74 for (8mm) stones, 0625-75 (10-11mm) and 0625-76 (12mm). The item numbers are only suggestions. You do not need these to get started. You may want to just start with the kit and try some of these other items later if you decide this is something you want to continue to do.

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