5 Beaded Earrings

Jewelry Soldering Made Easy - Video 5
Beaded Earrings


This video introduces the technique of combining soldering and beading using a pronged screen finding as the base for a pair of large earrings.  The stone settings are soldered directly to to screen and beaded chains are added to the screen to complete the project.

Please view Video 1, in the series before watching this video for important safety information and tool requirements.

Material List for One Earring*

  (9)  14x10 mm Hematite Pear Rhinestones
  (9)  14x10 mm Brass Settings
  (4)  8 mm 39 ss Black Rivoli Rhinestones
  (4)  8 mm 39 ss Black Diamond Rivoli Rhinestones
  (8)  8 mm Round Settings
  (2)  15x7 mm Black Navette Rhinestones
  (2)  15x7 mm Settings
  (1)  26 mm 1 1/8” Prong Screen Finding
  (2)  8 mm 16 Gauge Jump Rings
  (1)  8x2 mm “C” Connector
  (1)  Ear Clip Finding
(13)  1 1/2” Head Pins
(38)  1 1/2” Eye Pins
(41)  10 mm Black Diamond Round Beads
(10)  15x10 mm Black Diamond Oval Beads

* You will need to double the supplies to make a pair of earrings.