23 Owl Pendant

How to Solder a
Rhinestone Owl Pendant


This soldering tutorial shows how to solder a cute rhinestone owl pendant with 300 degree prefluxed solder and a torch.

Please view Jewelry Soldering Made Easy Video 1 for important safety information and tool requirements.

Material List - Kit 98

(1) 25x18 mm Topaz Oval Rhinestone
(1) 25x18 mm Brass Settings
(5) 15x7 mm Red Coffee/Madeira Topaz Navette Rhinestones
(5) 15x7 mm Brass Settings
(2) 15x4 mm Golden Shadow Navette Rhinestones
(2) 15x4 mm Brass Settings
(2) 10 mm Topaz Rivoli Rhinestones
(2) 10 mm Brass Settings
(1) 8 mm 16 Gauge Jump Rings
56 Stones 18 pp Topaz Rhinestone Chain