Free Jeweler's Assistant and

Bead Calculator Software 2.0


The Jeweler's Assistant and Bead Calculator is an easy to use tool and reference useful for both the professional jewelry designer and jewelry making hobbyist.

The program makes it easy to convert between inches, millimeters, Pearl Plate (PP) and Stone Size (SS). Reference tables are also provided for jump rings, wire gauge and ring sizes.

The bead calculator is a handy tool for calculating how many beads per inch, the length in inches for a number of beads or how many beads are needed for necklace length in inches. It is also possible to calculate how many stones are required to cover an area measured in inches.

The bead worksheet has many of the same capabilities of the bead calculator. Ten individual items may be added to a project and the total length of the project is calculated in inches. The bead worksheet can be printed and saved.

Jeweler's AssistantProgram Features
+ Stone Size Calculator
+ Bead Calculator
+ Pear Plate (PP)
+ Stone Size (SS)
+ Weight Converter
+ Jump Ring Reference
+ Wire Gauge
+ Ring Sizes
+ Bead Worksheet
+ Math Calculator
+ Fraction Stone Size
+ Easy Uninstall

System Requirements

The Jewelers Assistant and Bead Calculator will run on any computer running Microsoft Windows and a screen resolution of at least 800 x 600.

The program WILL NOT RUN on any Apple computer or tablet and will not run on Linux. There are no phone apps and none are planned.

Download and Installation

The Windows EXE installation program is contained in the ZIP file listed below. The installation program does not write to or modify your Windows Registry or add any additional software to your computer.

Please note that Norton by Symantec may falsely report a "WS.reputation.1" virus. Any program not submitted to Norton for approval will receive this notice without Norton actually checking for a virus.

Click on the link listed below to download the installation program. (1 Mb) Version 2.0

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