Free Jewelry Making and
Jewelry Design Software

We hope you find these free jewelry making and jewelry design software both informative and useful. These programs are designed for the casual computer user and are designed to be easy to use.

All these programs require a computer running Microsoft Windows operating system. The programs will not run on any Apple computer or Linux operating system. There are no phone apps and none are planned.

Software for Microsoft Windows

Jeweler's Assistant and Bead Calculator

The Jeweler's Assistant and Bead Calculator is a handy reference for jewelry making and jewelry designs.

Quick reference tables are provided for Pearl Plate (PP) and Stone Sizes (SS). You may enter a stone size in Inches or millimeters to find the corresponding Pearl Plate or Stone Size.

Reference tables for Jump Rings, Wire Gauge and Ring Sizes are included.

Vintage Swarovski Reference

This Vintage Swarovski Reference will assist you when dealing with vintage Swarovski rhinestones, beads and pendants.

You can quickly find a current Article Number or sort the table by the Old Article number and do a search. Each article has the standard sizes and packaging listed.

A stone size calculator is also provided.

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