Jewelry Making Video
How to Etch a Brass Cuff Bracelet
and Apply Patina


How to etch brass with Hydrogen Peroxide and Muriatic Acid. This video shows the detailed steps to designing, etching, shaping and applying patina to a brass cuff bracelet blank to make a truly unique antiqued brass cuff bracelet.

Material List
Brass Cuff Blanks
0580-26 1 1/8" Brass Cuff Blank
0580-27 1 1/2" Brass Cuff Blank
0580-28 2" Brass Cuff Blank
EZ-Bender - Cuff Bracelet Tool
Steel Wool
0468-82 Swellegant Darkening Patina
Safety Glasses
Dust Mask

Etching Solution
Hydrogen Peroxide and Muriatic Acid
or Ferric Chloride Copper Enchant Solution
Baking Soda

Design Items
StazOn Ink Pad
Rubber Stamps
Sharpie Fine Point
Foam Stickers
Masking Tape
Acetone or Alcohol

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