9 Soldering Class Kit 71

Jewelry Soldering Class
Heart Pendant Kit 71


This video provides instructions to created a heart shaped pendant by soldering a rhinestone chain to a heart shaped stone setting. This video is taken from a class taught using Soldering Kit 71.

Please view Jewelry Soldering Made Easy Video 1 for important safety information and tool requirements.

Kit 71-01 Heart Pendant Jonquil
Kit 71-02 Heart Pendant Black Diamond
Kit 71-03 Heart Pendant Aquamarine
Kit 71-04 Heart Pendant Amethyst
Kit 71-05 Heart Pendant Blue-Green

Material List

35 x 22 mm Heart Shaped Stone
35 x 22 mm Brass Heart Stone Setting
7 inches of 16 ss Rhinestone Chain
7 mm 20 Gauge Brass Jump Ring