mixed metallic stones
mixed metallic stones

mixed metallic stones

Part Number:0001-99
3 oz bag per Lot
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Finish: Glass
Size: 3 to 8 mm
Color: copper, silver & gunmeta
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This lot contains 3 oz of vintage glass rhinestones/Metallic mix in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are West German stones with some Czech stones mixed in. They may range from 3mm to 8mm. This mix has pointed a variety of flat back gunmetal gray glass stones that look like marcasites. I counted one bag and there were 675 stones. The number of stones will vary depending on the size of the stones in the mix. I can't guarantee the number of stones. However, I will guarantee that there will be at least 3 oz of stones. The picture only shows a portion of the stones you will be receiving. They may be a few copper colored flat backs and possibly a few small point back stones mixed in.

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